Callout for Workshop and Class Proposals

Kitchener-Waterloo Freeskool is excitedly accepting proposals for classes and workshops for our first semester of collective learning. With the goal of building capacity and community, and of supporting local activism and resistance, we’re hoping you’ll join us to make the classes happen!

We’re seeking any and all proposals- be they skill-based workshops, discussion groups, weekly classes. or other formats- if you’re interested in hosting or facilitating conversations, experiences, or tutorials, we’re interested in connecting you with others who share similar interests and a passion for informal, cooperative learning.

We’re hoping to have our fall semester kick off mid-September. There’s no deadline for class proposals (we’re happy to help you start one up at any time), but if you’d like to be included in our fall promotion and outreach efforts, we’re asking that proposals be submitted by August, 24th 2011.

If you have questions, or to submit a proposal, please email us at New organizers are welcome to the Freeskool Collective.

Support offered to facilitators from the Freeskool Collective: 
– Promotional support, including website updates, event listings, mailing lists, postering, flyering, word of mouth and more.
– Logistical support-eg. in finding  suitable spaces, obtaining A/V equipment etc.
– Budget for class materials and supplies (eg. art supplies for an art class, or food ingredients for a cooking class).
– Facilitation guidance/pointers and/or training for inexperienced facilitators.

What proposals should include: 
– A class topic, title, description, and a brief pitch outlining how it relates to the KW Freeskool founding principles (
-Frequency: is it a one-time workshop, a workshop series, a monthly class, bi-weekly or weekly class?
-Day of week/time: When will it be scheduled? Monday evenings? Sunday afternoons? etc.
-Materials: What, if any, materials/supplies will you require for the class?
-Any other questions or concerns that you might have.
Looking forward to hearing from you!

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