Linux Literacy 0: Registration Survey


(If you are interested in registering for this course, please complete the registration below and submit it to the KW Freeskool  organizers.)

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There are no right or wrong answers to this assessment, so long as your answers are honest.


  1. never heard of this
  2. heard of this; never done it
  3. carried this out once or twice
  4. done this several times
  5. do this regularly

Using the above scale, indicate whether you have:

[ ] Used Linux
[ ] Used e-mail
[ ] Installed a program (on any operating system)
[ ] Installed a program (on Linux)
[ ] Used a commandline interface (on any operating system)
[ ] Used a commandline text editor (edit, nano, emacs, vim, etc)
[ ] Edited a configuration file
[ ] Used a search engine to find answers to problems
[ ] Participated on a mailing list
[ ] Attended a user group meeting
[ ] Attended a user group meeting related to computers
[ ] Submitted a bug report
[ ] Backed up your data
[ ] Learned new/unfamiliar software without a course or one-on-one instruction
[ ] Set up automated backups of your data
[ ] Diagnosed and fixed a problem with your computer (software or hardware)
[ ] Chosen a licence for something you created
[ ] Compared two or more licences
[ ] Installed a webcam, printer or other external device on your computer
[ ] Helped somebody else solve a computer problem
[ ] Written a computer program
[ ] Lost important computer data
[ ] Had a virus, trojan, rootkit or other malware on your computer
[ ] Gotten into an Internet flamewar

Course Resources

  1. Will you be able to attend the course regularly (every week or almost every week)? Feel free to elaborate.
  2. If necessary, do you think you would be able to attend the last 2-3 sessions if they were held in January?
  3. Do you have access to a computer that can run Linux? If so, indicate all the methods below that you might be able to use:
    [ ] Booting your computer from a CD-ROM
    [ ] Booting your computer from a USB key
    [ ] Installing Linux using Windows (requires 4GB free space on your drive)
    [ ] Adding another hard drive to your computer
    [ ] Replacing your computer’s operating system with Linux entirely
  4. Do you have regular access to the Internet?
  5. Would you be able to access the Internet from the computer that will be running Linux?
  6. Do you have a USB key (2GB or bigger) that you would be able to devote to the course?
  7. What appeals to you about this course?
  8. Would you be able to attend classes held at the University of Waterloo?
  9. Would you be able to attend classes held in downtown Kitchener?

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