Imprint interview and callout for new facilitators!


The University of Waterloo’s student newspaper, Imprint, just sat down for an interview with one of our organizing members. We’re excited to have had the chance to spread the word to some of the wider UW community through print media!

If you’re reading this as a result of checking out the publication from Friday, October 14th (presently the fuuutuuureeee), welcome! Take a look around; check out our class descriptions and external links posted to the right of this ramble. We welcome emails from everyone, especially if you’re telling us how stoked you are to participate in a class that’s already been planned, or if you have a proposal for a class you’d like to facilitate (or co-facilitate, or participate in – chances are someone would love to be your partner in the crime of community-building and non-accredited learning). We’re also looking for folks who might be interested in joining us on the organizing end of KWFS, so please drop by the WPIRG office (SLC 2139) or send an email if organizing is your jive. Our next meeting will be Wednesday, October 19th at 2 pm (likely at the Princess Cafe, email to keep up with any changes!).

There is plenty of room for any open-minded students, staff, professors or community members to take part any way you see fit.

This being said, we are certainly looking for new proposals for classes over the next few weeks as we prepare calendars for the last few months of 2011 and into the new year. If you’ve got big ideas, or small ideas, lots of knowledge, or are burning to know more about a certain topic and would like to get to know the wider KW community a bit more intimately, this is your chance!

You can often catch a member at the WPIRG office (again, SLC 2139) if you are on campus at UW. Alternatively, send us an email – we’ll respond to your inquiries sent to

Spread the word, and thanks to everyone for your support thus far!


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