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Another lovely message from KWFS to let y’all know what we’ve been up to. Since we’ve last chatted, we’ve had a couple of really great workshops happen. ASL Interpretation and Deaf Culture was a smashing success, we were so glad to have the amazing facilitators and participants there to share their experiences and learn some signs! Breadmaking 101 came and went, leaving us with some delicious bagels and loaves that most only dream of, and Non-Violent Communication sparked a lot of interest in running a series of similar classes, so watch for those!

Thanks a bunch if you were there; if you haven’t had the chance so far, we’re here to share what’s upcoming!

The KWFS Collective meets every other Tuesday at 2 pm at Princess Cafe. We would love to have any new folks out who are interested in getting involved. Please send us an email if you want to come out, and we’ll be in touch: kwfreeskool@gmail.com. Our next meeting should be Tuesday, November 15th. See you there!

1) Herbal Medicine-making – brought to us by WPIRG Seeds of Resistance
2) Women and Transfolk Bike Night winter talkin’
3) An announcement about Indigenous Sovereignty Week and Unsettling Ourselves (workshop)
4) Cinema Politica – Crude Sacrifice screening
5) Ongoing Classes – Anti-Colonialist Reading Circle, Queering Choice, French Conversation Group
6) Craftivist Skill-share callout for crocheters and potential crocheters for an action around the Montreal Massacre Vigil

1) Friday, November 11th – Herbal Medicine-making

Mosey on over to the SLC, room 2134/35 from 1-4 pm this Friday for a great, hands-on workshop. Here’s what they have to say about it:

We will continue exploring ideas discussed in a previous workshop, the “Wild Medicine Plant Walk” in July. Previous knowledge is not required, this workshop is free and open to anybody. We will discuss how to make and when to use various herbal preparations such as infusion (tea), decoction, poultice, oil and tincture. Other ideas we will explore are: why we make our own medicine, common symptoms and solutions, and connecting with a local landbase.

About the Facilitator: Emily Brownout of Guelph is a student of herbalism for 8 years. She is interested in collective community health care, mutual aid, autonomy over our bodies, and getting to the root of our problems.
2) Tuesday, November 15th – Women and Transfolk Bike Night chats about biking through the snowy times ahead!

As you all know, WTF Bike Night happens every Tuesday from 6-9 pm at Recycle Cycles (43 Queen St S.). This week, the folks there would like to share this special feature with you:

Winter is coming!
Are you prepared?
Want to try biking through it for the first time? Or again?
Come to our winter bike skill share where we will:

-prepare your bike for the blustery months ahead
-learn tips and skills for winter cycling
-share experiences and learn from each other

Bring your bike! And your sweaters!

**Please note that this event is for women, transfolk and children.
** Women and transfolk bikenights happen every tuesday, same time, same place. And yes, they will be happening all winter long.

3) Indigenous Sovereignty Week and Unsettling Ourselves (Tuesday, November 15th)

It is important that we are aware that the land that we live on in KW and the surrounding area is stolen Indigenous land – in particular, it is Haudenosaunee land and a piece of the Haldimand tract. These issues aren’t always brought to the forefront of our settler lives, and so it is even more important that we educate ourselves in the history of our land and the people that were here before us.

Indigenous Sovereignty Week 2011, scheduled for Nov. 14-20, will be the third annual week of educational events on Indigenous issues called by Defenders of the Land, a network of First Nations in land struggle. It aims to contribute to building a cross-Canada movement for Indigenous rights, self-determination, and justice that is led by Indigenous communities but with a broad base of informed support.

Please read more about ISW at: http://www.defendersoftheland.org/isw

3b) In the vein of decolonization and informing ourselves on these issues, WPIRG is hosting a Seeds of Resistance Workshop called Unsettling Ourselves – Decolonization for Settlers. Here’s some more information:

Tuesday, November 15th, 5:30-8:30pm
MC  2017- Math & Computers Building, University of Waterloo

Join WPIRG for a series of awareness-raising, skill-building and analysis-developing workshops aimed at sowing the seeds of resistance, and providing participants with the tools, both practical and conceptual, to engage in struggles for social and environmental justice.

This workshop comes from an understanding that colonialism is not an issue for Indigenous people alone to deal with.  It encourages non-Native people to see the ways colonialism is all around us and within us – and how to deconstruct and transform both social relations and the many layers of colonialism within our hearts and minds.

About the Facilitator:  Matt Soltys lives in Guelph, Ontario, and is active in environmental justice, food security, and anti-colonial movements.  He is also a father, a naturalist, former organizer with the Indigenous Peoples Solidarity Movement, and producer of Healing the Earth Radio.

4) Cinema Politica – Crude Sacrifice Screening

Every other week, Cinema Politica of Kitchener-Waterloo shows free documentaries at various different locations around the cities. The next screening is:

Wednesday, November 16th, 7-9pm
MC 2035 – Math & Computers Building, University of Waterloo

Crude Sacrifice takes a look at how one northern community, Fort Chipewyan is affected by the exploitation of Canada’s rich Tar Sands development, and how Canada is dealing with their concerns. The health of the land and the people living near the world’s largest construction project is discussed by leading scientists and the Aboriginal Peoples. Although this town is located near the earth’s second largest fresh water delta, they can no longer drink the water, or eat the fish and other game food which sustained them for thousands of years.
For more information, check out http://www.cinemapolitica.org/wpirg

5) Ongoing Classes – Anti-Colonialism Reading Circle, Anarchist Discussion Group, French Conversation Group

Anti-Colonialism Reading Circle meets every other week at 70 William St W, Mondays at 7 pm. Since you’re all stoked on Indigenous Sovereignty Week after reading all the stuff above, this could be a great way to connect with other folks and work through the multifaceted issues around being a settler ally in solidarity with the Indigenous peoples of this land. Their next meeting is November 4th. Contact indigenous.solidarity@lists.wpirg.org, or KWFS at kwfreeskool@gmail.com, for more information.

Anarchist Discussion Group will be holding their first meeting on Wednesday, November 23rd – it’s a fair distance away, but the wait will be worth it as we are working on confirming a very special guest to participate with us. More information on that soon! Contact kwfreeskool@gmail.com to let us know you’re interested.

French Conversation Group
meets every other Thursday, the next being November 17th, and that meeting will be at Whole Lot-a Gelata at 6 pm. Stop in, hang out and dust off your rusty French skills in a supportive setting with awesome facilitators!

6) Craftivist Skill-share

The Craftivist Skill-share is a group of folks really passionate about spreading the dying traditions of handicraft. They meet every Monday at the Women’s Centre in the University of Waterloo’s SLC. Their web site can be found at craftivistskill-share.webnode.com.

In memoriam of the Montreal Massacre, which is recognized on December 6th, the group would like to create crochet roses in support of the victims. They are relatively simple to make if you’ve got some basic crochet skills, and the people of the Skill-share would love to teach you how to do it if you want to get involved! Stop in at a meeting (6 pm Mondays at the Women’s Centre) or send KWFS an email for more details.


We’re looking for class proposals for December and into January.
If you’d like to propose a class, do so! Send us an email and we’d love to help you make it happen.

Thank you kind persons for your love and support so far,




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