Linux Literacy: Midterm Evaluation


Please fill out this evaluation honestly and anonymously. You can fill it out even if you have only attended one or two sessions.

If you did not fill this out in class, you can fill it out and email it to Paul’s account: paul_nijjar

  1. Would you recommend this course to others? Why or why not?

  2. What has been the most enjoyable aspect of the course so far? What has been the least enjoyable?

  3. What course material was already familiar to you before you took the course?

  4. What course material is new to you?

  5. What course material is the most exciting? Most boring?

  6. What changes would you suggest that we make to the course if we run it again?

  7. What aspects of the course should we leave the same?

  8. What aspects of the course style/delivery could be improved? What should stay the same?

  9. On a scale of 0 to 5 (0 == “not following at all”, 5 == “Everything so far has been easy”) please rate how well you have been following course material so far.

  10. What other comments or suggestions do you have?

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