Second Semester News & Callouts


Happy 2012 everyone!

KW FreeSkool is wrapping up its very successful first semester of classes, workshops, and community events. We hosted a launch party in September, and started several ongoing classes (Linux and Free Software Literacy, Anti-Colonial Reading Circle, and French Conversation Class) in October. Throughout the fall we offered workshops on breadmaking, DIY skills, and American Sign Language interpretation. After winding down for the winter holidays, we’ve been looking forward to our next semester and new opportunities for community-based learning and education. This email will outline several ways of getting involved in the coming months – we really hope you take us up on them!

In solidarity,
KW FreeSkool Organizing Collective

In this post:

1. Callout for new Organizing Collective members!
2. Workshop Tues. Jan 10: How to Start Up & Facilitate a FreeSkool Class
3. Callout for class proposals: winter/spring 2012 semester.


1. Callout for new Organizing Collective members!

Did you participate in and enjoy freeskool classes and workshops?
Do you have ideas for what alternative and community-based education could look like?
Do you want help make KW FreeSkool awesome?

Then please join our organizing collective! KW FreeSkool is always looking for new organizers, and we are happy to work with folks who have never done anything like this before ’cause we’re all about skill-sharing. If you’ve thought about helping out, this is a great way to do it because we could really use the help to expand our class offerings and organize new types of events. The beginning of a semester is also the best time to get involved, as there’s lots of different stuff to do and that way you get to help shape the content of the semester, doing things like approving classes, finding facilitators, and booking space.

We meet twice a month, and we’re pretty flexible about when that is. If you’re interested, give us a shout:


2. Workshop Tuesday January 10: How to Start Up & Facilitate a FreeSkool Class

Are you thinking about proposing a class but don’t feel totally confident about it? Not sure how we do things and want to learn more? Then this workshop is for you!

Next week we’re hosting a small workshop to talk about:
a) the freeskool principles and method,
b) how to write a class a workshop description,
c) promoting your class and getting participants
d) what you can expect from KWFS in terms of support
e) question and answer period.

Hopefully, the workshop will give you all the tools, knowledge, and confidence you need to participate in the winter semester as a facilitator and to share your own experiences, skills, and ideas with others.

Date: Tuesday, January 10
Time: 6:00pm – 8:00pm
Location: TBA

Please contact us to RSVP, and we will let you know where the location is:


3. Callout for Winter/Spring Semester Classes & Workshops

Our second semester is starting! We’re really excited for a new round of classes and new opportunities to learn and teach. But we need your help to make it happen. We’re seeking any and all proposals – be they one-time-only workshops, discussion groups, weekly classes, or other formats – if you’re interested in hosting or facilitating conversations, experiences, or tutorials, we’re interested in connecting you with others who share similar interests and a passion for informal, cooperative learning.

We’re aiming to have classes start in February There’s no deadline for class proposals (we’re happy to help you start one up at any time), but if you’d like to be included in our fall promotion and outreach efforts, we’re asking that proposals be submitted by Friday, January 20th.

If you have questions or to submit a proposal, please email us at
Support offered to facilitators from the FreeSkool collective:

  • Promotional support, including website updates, event listings, mailing lists, postering, word of mouth, and more
  • Logistical support – eg. in finding free and suitable space, obtaining A/V equipment, etc.
  • Modest budget for materials such as handouts and photocopies, or other supplies needed for class (eg. food ingredients for a cooking class)
  • Facilitation guidance/pointers for inexperienced facilitators.
  • Community events to bring together Free Schoolers and build community resilience through learning projects

What proposals should include:

  • A class topic, title, and description, and a brief pitch outlining how it relates to the TFS guiding principles (see – there’s a lot there, we’re flexible about it.
  • Frequency: is it a one-time workshop, a monthly class, or a weekly class?
  • Day of Week/Time: when will it be scheduled? Monday evenings? Saturday afternoons?
  • Space: What would be ideal space for your class? A classroom, a community space, your own living room?
  • Materials: Would you need anything from us for your class?
  • Any other questions or concerns you might have.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Thanks for reading this far,
KW FreeSkool Collective


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