GO! Week 2: Organizing your space (and stuff)


Here are the slides and handout from Week 2 of the Get Organized! workshop series. Like last week, there are links to additional resources on the last slide.

In Week 1, we talked about Time Management. In Week 2, we focused on the “analyze” and “strategize” phases for organizing your space & stuff. We covered things like the importance of creating distinct “activity zones” within each room and the key components of any organization system:

  • Group like items together
  • Put things where you use them
  • Make it appealing (e.g. fun, aesthetically pleasing, easy to maintain – whatever appeals to you)

GO! Week 2 Slides
GO! Week 2 Handout

Next week we’ll explore the third and final phase of organizing (“attack”) a bit more deeply than we hav e so far, and we’ll focus on some specific topics: filing, decluttering/purging, and tracking your stuff.

  • Bring a pile of papers (or other things) that need sorting. Or a list of the types of papers in your pile.
  • Bring in an example of something that’s working for you!
  • You can also keep working on earlier phases of organizing or time management stuff, and there will be an opportunity to check in about your progress so far.

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