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Get Organized: Week 5 Materials


A bit late, but here are the slides and handout from week 5 of the ‘Get Organized’ series. Week 5 was about budgeting.

For those who attended the series, please send me feedback of the constructive and/or showering-in-praise type. Let me know which sessions you liked (or didn’t), whether or not the structure was useful, what has worked for you, what really didn’t work for you, what you wish I’d covered (or covered more), etc. And if you qualified for those 2 free hours of help, I will be in touch at the end of the month!

For those who didn’t attend, or missed some sessions, if anyone is really interested and would definitely come out to a second offering of the series (perhaps a bit reorganized; probably in June/July), please contact me at laura @

Week 5 Handout (pdf)

Week 5 Slides (pdf)


Computer Security: No class March 20


Because several participants would not have been able to make it, we decided to defer this week’s Computer Security class. Instead, we will meet on Tuesday, March 27, Tuesday, April 3 and Tuesday, April 10.

Some topics we will cover over the next few weeks include:

  • Verifying identity (secure web browsing, encrypting email…)
  • What should we be worried about?
  • Email phishing and scams
  • Privacy and tracking
  • Firewalls, Routers, and Wifi

There is still space left in the course, so feel free to register by leaving a comment below.

GO! Week 2: Organizing your space (and stuff)


Here are the slides and handout from Week 2 of the Get Organized! workshop series. Like last week, there are links to additional resources on the last slide.

In Week 1, we talked about Time Management. In Week 2, we focused on the “analyze” and “strategize” phases for organizing your space & stuff. We covered things like the importance of creating distinct “activity zones” within each room and the key components of any organization system:

  • Group like items together
  • Put things where you use them
  • Make it appealing (e.g. fun, aesthetically pleasing, easy to maintain – whatever appeals to you)

GO! Week 2 Slides
GO! Week 2 Handout

Next week we’ll explore the third and final phase of organizing (“attack”) a bit more deeply than we hav e so far, and we’ll focus on some specific topics: filing, decluttering/purging, and tracking your stuff.

  • Bring a pile of papers (or other things) that need sorting. Or a list of the types of papers in your pile.
  • Bring in an example of something that’s working for you!
  • You can also keep working on earlier phases of organizing or time management stuff, and there will be an opportunity to check in about your progress so far.

Computer Security Course: Tuesday, March 13!


It is late to be advertising this course on the blog, but there is still space in the course if you would like to participate.

This course is about computer security. Computer security is a huge and complicated topic, so to keep it manageable here are the primary goals:

  • To understand some of the security threats that exist in the big scary world, as well as the resources you might want to protect
  • To make better security choices without being terrified into paralysis
  • To have you identify, analyse and improve aspects of computer security as they relate to your own life

The course will be held Tuesday evenings from 7-9pm starting on March 13, at the Working Centre’s main building, 58 Queen Street South, Kitchener. It will run 3-5 weeks depending on student interest. In the first week we will discuss general security principles, talk about managing passwords, and choose topics for future sessions.

This course is directed towards non-experts. We hope there will be lots of interaction and a friendly, nonintimidating atmosphere.

In order to sign up you can leave a comment on this blog post, write the facilitator at his address (username: paul_nijjar) or just show up on Tuesday.

Second skill-share class of the term!


Skillshare #6: Brand-Free Cleaning, Part One: Body Care

Date: Wednesday February 8
Time: 5:00pm-8:00pm
Location: Email for location details.

Take control over your bathroom arsenal with some natural body care ideas. We will explore common chemicals found in commercial products, their potential impacts to bodies and the environment, as well as alternatives. Participants are encouraged to bring soap/shampoo/toothpaste/other products currently being used for comparison, as well as their own ideas and experiences to contribute to a discussion. We’ll make some toothpaste and (bee-free, vegan) lip balm for everyone to take home, along with some other recipes to try. Everyone is welcome!

This workshop will lead to others along the same line, keep an eye out for part two: diy household cleaning supplies, perhaps?

DIY Skillshare Series Update!


Skillshare #5: DIY Screenprinting

Date: Wednesday January 25
Time: 5:00pm-8:00pm
Location: Email for location details.

Learn how to silk-screen t-shirts, patches, bags or that random piece of fabric that you don’t know what to do with.  We’ll teach you everything you need to know about screen printing!  In this workshop you will learn how to build your own screen, burn an image onto a screen, as well as, tips on how to screen print without smudging your image.  Whether you’ve never touched a squeegee before or you’re a silk-screening expert, everyone is welcome!