We’d love for you to join us in any way you can. Write to us at kwfreeskool@gmail.com! There are three main ways to be involved — they are:

As a participant.

The easiest way to take part is simply to become a class participant! This simply means attending the class/workshop/skillshare that interests you, and becoming part of a community of radical learning. If you don’t have a lot of time to make a commitment, just attending and learning is a great way to support. We need people to engage with and shape the various offerings of FreeSkool facilitators. But if you can’t find classes that interest you or you would like to offer something else…

Be a facilitator.

Propose a subject, series of conversations, workshop, that you would like to invite people to, and share your knowledge. We would be happy to help you get set up with whatever you need, help promote, etc. Even if there’s something you aren’t comfortable “teaching” but would like to learn more about and invite people to learn alongside you in a group setting, that sort of structure is totally welcome.

Join the organizing collective.

We’re pretty small right now and if you have the ability to make a time commitment, working with us is also a great way to learn basic community organizing skills and help build and sustain the project. Right now that means (typically) meeting once a week, helping find space for upcoming classes, helping promote FreeSkool and postering, etc. But depending on the time of year and how much support a given semester’s set of classes need, the workload and work type varies.



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  1. Hi, I’m signing up to join the computer building thing at the working center and they told me that the Linux course just started last week. I wanted to get in on it (as a facilitator, I want to share my knowledge!!) but I thought I was too late. I can’t find your gmail address anymore so I’m posting here.

    • I am facilitating this session, but you can potentially be an “in-class helper”. Drop by on Tuesday. If there is enough space, then you are welcome.

      It is also possible for you to start up another Linux session (this term or next term).

      The FreeSkool address is kwfreeskool at gmail.

  2. I’m wondering if there will be any classes or starting up for this spring/summer. I’d like to get involved but I”m having trouble finding recent information.

    • Hi Nicole,

      The only currently running class is the anarchist discussion group, three of our spring classes just wrapped up but we are waiting on another to start in late april or may, and are expecting more proposals. Are you looking to get involved primarily by attending classes, or were you hopig to help out with the project?

      Kalin, on behalf of KWFS

      • I am also looking for more information about classes and getting involved with the project.

      • Sorry for the delay in my response! I’m actually interested in getting involved in any way that I can. I wouldn’t be ready to propose or run a class right now, but I’d be more than happy to help facilitate or organize classes if that is needed; just let me know what kind of help you are in need of! I’m also interested in taking a class, so I’ll keep checking the website for updates on spring classes.


  3. Hi Kalin,

    Thanks for your response, and sorry it took me so long to get back to you! I was initially looking to take classes only (as I didn’t think I’d be in a position to teach anything). However, after reading through the ‘getting involved’ section I’m interested in facilitating a study/interest group, as I always have several interests on the go and it would be nice/helpful to have a group to learn with and from. Depending on what others are interested in joining, I’d be interested in facilitating a music theory, music history, or Spanish language group. I’m also available to help out with the organizing collective. Just let me know what type of help you need!


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