Computer Security Course

Ran: March 2012 – April 2012

This course was about computer security. Computer security is a huge and complicated topic, so to keep it manageable the primary goals were:

  • To understand some of the security threats that exist in the big scary world, as well as the resources you might want to protect
  • To make better security choices without being terrified into paralysis
  • To have you identify, analyse and improve aspects of computer security as they relate to your own life

The course was directed towards non-experts with lots of interaction and a friendly, non-intimidating atmosphere.

Get Organized!

 Ran: 5 sessions from February 2012 – March 2012

Whether you’re a student, an activist, working full-time, or job-hunting, it can be really hard to stay on top of everything, especially if your planner, workspace, budget,  or files aren’t working for you – or don’t exist!

Organization – or a lack thereof – affects us on a practical level, but is also about self-care on a physiological and emotional level.

This series aimed to cover some basic ideas for organizing five key areas of daily life: time, space, stuff, information, and money; and provided participants with some tools – and time – to start getting yourself organized.

Facilitated by aspiring professional organizer and generally organized person Laura McDonald.

Social Purpose Business

Ran: March 2012

Social business is an innovative new organizational model that attempts to retool the conventional business model to serve a social purpose. Or is it a way to restructure the traditional non-profit to be more sustainable and efficient? However you look at it, social business is a fascinating idea – combining business practices with the goal of making a difference instead of making a profit. This series of four workshops explored the topic of social business from a few perspectives.


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